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The College has got an excellent library with various international journals/ magazines/ periodicals besides normal text and reference books Surendranth College always believes in overall growth of the students and emphasizes a lot on various cultural activities
Keeping with the legacy of our founder Sir Surendranath Banerjea, a noted social reformer and educationist, the College is committed to imparting, sustaining and fostering all-round holistic and quality education to the students coming from every stratum of the society so that they gather knowledge as well as employable expertise and grow up as responsible global citizens of tomorrow. The institution envisages evolving, improving, upgrading and remaining committed to its laurels of heritage in conformity with the immortal words of the Upanishada, namely “Damyata”or Restrain, “Datta” or Charity and “Dayaddhayam”or non-violence which have been enshrined in the College emblem, and also with modern outlook to make the college a centre of excellence for higher education and research.
The mission of the college is to inculcate love of knowledge and provide holistic education to the student coming from every stratum of the society, so that they emerge as true human beings who can make significant contribution as a responsible citizen of tomorrow. In order to achieve this the college coordinates the activities of the teachers, students and other staff members to ensure smooth functioning and all round development of academic as well as other curricular activities.
  • To become a centre of excellence in higher education.
  • To excel in all areas of teaching learning, research and consultancy.
  • To be a bridge between the rural-urban divide, taking the benefits of value-based quality education to the poor and marginalized, aiming at their empowerment.
  • To promote and practice inclusive growth.
  • To provide equal opportunities to the deserving and meritorious students irrespective of Caste and Creed and gender.
  • To promote cultural and communal harmony.
  • To make our institution a significant knowledge contributor in transforming our nation from a developing to a developed one by acting as responsible and concerned citizens and to make this world a better place.


Surendranath College – A glorious Presence




Surendranath College, an institution of higher education with long heritage, was founded in 1884, by the eminent scholar, orator and statesman Rashtraguru Surendranath Banerjea established with the noble vision of fostering a spirit of freedom, sacrifice and lofty idealism in the youth of our country, it has evolved, in course of its hundred and twenty one years of existence, into a premier institution of learning.

Its goal today is to provide quality education to students of all sections of society irrespective of gender, academic and socio-economic standing and to enable them to stand up to the challenges of the new millennium with courage and conviction

The College is centrally located in the city of Kolkata, being barely 200m from Sealdah railway station and is thereby very well connected to 24 Pgs (North & South) districts. It is also not far from Howrah station. In fact, it is located on the main thoroughfare connecting Howrah & Sealdah railway stations.

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