Thesis under guidance of. Dr. Nilansu Das, Associate Professor, Molecular Biology


Major Research Projects funded by University Grants Commission


Name of Principal Investigator Title of the project Duration Amount Approved (Rs. In lakhs) Status


 Dr. Nilansu Das
Dept. of Molecular Biology
Studies on Genomic Polymorphism and Genome-wide DNA Methylation in Arsenic-exposed individuals                    F. No. 39-115/2010(SR)             Date of Sanction: Mar, 2010 2010-13   (3 yrs.) 10,62,000/- Completed
2. Dr. Archana Banerjee
Dept. of Botany
Screening for economic potential of the plants used in festivals of the indigenous population in the lateritic zones of India
F.No.39-18/ 2010 (SR)           Date of sanction: Mar, 2010
2011-14 (3 yrs.) 7.418     lakhs Completed
3. Dr. Nimai Chandra Barui                               Dept. of Botany Palynological investigation in the Quarternary deposits of Bengal Basin in understanding the change of vegetation and climate
F.No.40-309/2011(SR) dated 30th June, 2011
(3 yrs.)
11.405    lakhs Completed


Dr. Bilquis Begam
Dept. of Urdu
A Comparative Study of Socio-political condition of India during 18th and 19th century with reference to Urdu-Share-Aashob and other forms of poetry
Date of sanction: 01.07.2012
(2  yrs.)
6,99,600/- Completed

Minor Research Projects funded by University Grants Commission

Name of Principal Investigator Title of the project Duration Amount Approved
(Rs. in lakhs)



Dr. Himadri Bhattacharyya Department of Computer Science

Some Studies on Neural Network models for data analysis in Meteorology                                F.PSW-27/99 (ERO)                    Date of sanction: 15th Sept. 1999 1999-2000      (2 yrs.)   50,000/- Completed
Role of Computer Science in monitoring Atmospheric systems F.PSW-0053/04-05 (ERO)       Date of sanction: March,2005 2005-07 (2 yrs.)   1,00,000/- Completed





Dr. Tushar Kanti Saha Department of Mathematics

Interaction between three dimensional cracks               PSW – 064/00 – 01 (ERO)    Date of sanction: 01-03-2001 01.04.01 to       03.07.03 (2 yrs. 3 months) Approved Amount:  50,000/-
Amount Utilized:  45,086.50
On some three-dimensional crack problems in transversely isotropic materials                  PSW-056/08-09 (ERO)          Date of sanction: 12.12.2008 03.02.09 to      02.08.10 (1 yr. 6 months) Approved Amount: 1,22,000/-
Amount Utilized:  1,03,663.50
Analytical study of elliptical/penny-shaped crack in three-dimensional infinite elastic/piezoelectric solid or at the interface                           PSW-149/11-12 (ERO)         Date of sanction: 25.01.2012 28.07.12 to      27.07.14 (2 yrs.) Approved Amount:  1,83,000/-
Amount Utilized: 1,59,922/-
3. Dr. Subhra Baisya
Department of Bengali
A chronological account of the compilation and publication of Tagore’s collected works.
F.PHW-096/05-06(ERO)         Date of sanction: 27.03.2006
(2 yrs)
   50000/- Completed
4. Dr. Bilquis Begam
Department of Urdu
The Journey of Urdu Short Story
Date of sanction: 02.01.2008
2008-2010        (2 yrs.)    75000/- Completed


Mrs.  Abanti Goswami      Department of Economics Empowerment of Muslim Women: A Block level Survey of Nadia District, West Bengal                            F.PHW-098/09-10 (ERO)      Date of sanction: 07.09.2009 Sept.09-Mar.11      (1 yr 6 months)   1,22,000/- Completed
6. Dr. Jafar Ali Akhan            Department of Commerce  Functioning and Prospect of Islamic Banking in India: An Introspection
PHW-061/10-11 (ERO)      Date of sanction:21.10.2010
(1 yr. 8 months)
  1,01,200/- Completed
7. Dr. Suchandra Chatterjee    Department of Chemistry Studies on mechanical behavior and surface characteristics of Cellulose based Semisynthetic Polymers 2012-14 (2 yrs.)  1,97,000/- Completed
8. Mrs. Supriya Pal Chowdhury        Department of Philosophy The Art of Living in Old Age: An Analytical Discussion from Socio-psychological Perspective in India
2012-14 (1yr. 6 months)  1,00,000/- Completed
9. Dr. Rathindranath Basu                 Department of Commerce Emerging need for Educational and Career Counselling —
A Study on VG Colleges in North Kolkata                           Time of sanction: 2014
2014-16  (2 yrs.)    94,000/- Continued
10. Dr. Barnali Ray Basu                    Department of Physiology A Pilot Study to Find the Impact of Stress Response among Adolescents Girls in Urban Area (with an emphasis on PCOS)                                 F.PSW-77/13-14 (ERO)          Date of sanction: 20.05.2014 20.05.2014 to 16.05.2016 (2 yrs.)  4,60,000/- Continued
11. Dr. Amar Chandra Das Ghosh              Department of Microbiology Multiparticle Production Dynamics : From ISR to LHC PSW-078/13-14                      Date of sanction:  18.03.2014 2014-16     (2 yrs.)  2,60,000/- Continued
Total amount for Projects
(Major + Minor)


Faculty Development Programme sanctioned by University Grants Commission


Name of the Faculty Member





Kausik Lahiri

  Department of Economics




Netai Roy

  Department of Mathematics




Aparajita Kundu

  Department of Philosophy




Visiting Fellow/ Professor-ship Programme sanctioned by University Grants Commission

Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Member Department UGC Programme   Duration Place of Work
    1. Dr. Himadri Bhattacharyya Dept. of Computer Science Visiting Fellow UGC/870/Visit dated 29.07.2013 One month August,2013 Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics, CalcuttaUniv.
    2. Dr. Himadri Bhattacharyya Dept. of Computer Science Visiting Professor UGC/847/XII/ VISITING dated 13.06.2014 Two months
June-July, October-November,2014
Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics, Calcutta