Surendranath College


Students' Facilities available at Surendranath College





The College comprises two buildings, namely Main Building and Science Building as described below

Main Building

The four storied building housing General Staff room, Commerce Department, Geography Department, Geography Laboratory (one), College Office, Principal's Chamber, Ladies Common room, Cheap Store, Classrooms and one Practical Laboratory each of Physics, Chemistry and Physiology Departments, two Galleries and UGC sponsored Computer Laboratory for Networking. Moreover this building is partially used by Surendranath Evening College and Surendranath Law College.

Science Building

This four storied Building houses all Science Departments and one basement for the Computer Science Laboratory.

Ground Floor

This four storied Building houses all Science Departments and one basement for the Computer Science Laboratory.

Department of Physics with three Laboratories, Physics Gallery

Chemistry Store room, Students' Common room (Boys), Students' Union room, College Canteen.

One Software Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science.

U.G.C. sponsored Computer Laboratory for Networking

Mazenine Floor

Hardware Laboratory of Department of Computer Science

First Floor

Department of Chemistry with four Laboratories, Chemistry Gallery, Class room and Auditorium with 450+ seats along with a large stage

Second Floor

Department of Zoology with four Laboratories, Chemistry Gallery, Classroom.

Department of Botany with two Laboratories.

Department of Physiology with one Laboratory,

Biology Gallery.

College Central Library, comprising Reading room for teachers and students.

One room for Research under major project with Dr. Nemai Barui as P.I.

Third Floor

Class rooms.

Department of Psychology, one Laboratory.

Department of Economics, one Computer room.

Department of Botany, one Laboratory along with a Class room and Seminar Library.

Department of Microbiology / Molecular Biology, two Laboratories, Culture room, Class room.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, one Laboratory for each and Classrooms.

Microprocessor Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science, Class room.

Bio-Culture Laboratory.

Economics, Psychology laboratory.


Department of Computer Science with one Classroom, one AC Software Laboratory along with provision for Lecture room.


  • In both buildings, the Classrooms and Galleries are used for Lectures of almost all Departments according to requirement as per routine allotment.
  • Adequate toilet facilities for students, both boys and girls, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, both male and female, are provided and maintained properly by College authorities.
  • Drinking water, purified as far as practicable by necessary infrastructure, is provided. Provision of water in the College for other purposes is quite upto the mark.








The College owns a highly equipped library owning nearly 27,000 (approx.) books including some rare titles and some Journals as well.

The library also provides adequate reading facilities for students and the staff as well. In addition, in order to provide ready access, there are also seminar libraries in almost all departments.