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Brief History of The Department of Bengali

The Department of Bengali started its journey since the inception of Surendranath College in the year 1884.The Department has the provision of Three Years Honours and General Course.The Faculty consists of four UGC approved Full Time teachers, one Govt. approved Part  Time teacher and one guest lecturer.The deparment has very rich heritage. Professors like Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Pramathanath Bishi, Ajit kumar Ghosh, Dilip Kumar Mitra, Sanatan Goswami, Arabindo Bhattacharya were the teachers of the Bengali Department. Their Sound knowledge, dedication, affection for the students made the Deparment glorious.Those teachers were very good critic in Bengali Language and Literature.’ History of Bengali Language’ written by Dr. Asit Kumar Bandopadhyay is his magnum opus. ‘History of Bengali Drama’ written by Dr. Ajit  kumar ghosh is also a great contribution to the  Bengali criticism. Renowned Novelist and Short Story writer Bibhuti Bhusahan Bandopadhyay was a student of this college as well as the alumni of Bengali Department. After passing out from the Department of Bengali of this college many students have achieved their goal and have been providing their valuable services to the Society as Professors, Teachers, Journalists and Political Personalities. The Bengali Department has successfully groomed the students and helped them to get settled in life.”CHARIBETI”- Go Ahead is the ultimate motto of the Department of Bengali..