Gender sensitization refers to the modification of behaviour by raising awareness of gender equality concerns. It is interlinked with gender empowerment. Gender sensitization programmes want

  1. To cultivate leadership skills in women
  2. To create an awareness about the social problems faced by women and to work for the upliftment of women.
  3. To make women realize their equal responsibility in building a society.

Women’s Cell wants to conduct seminars, extension lectures, debates and speech competitions with a special emphasis on women and their role in the present-day society. It organizes various social awareness programmes so as to help the students to understand empathetically the actual social problems. All the programmes can be labeled as gender sensitization programme.

Women cell focuses on

  1. Gender equality
  2. Women empowerment through education
  3. Attitudal upliftment of women

Women cell fights against

  1. Women trafficking
  2. Malnuitrition of girls’ students
  3. Unawareness


Members :

  • Abanti Goswami, Convenor, Faculty
  • Mira Sil Ghosh, Faculty
  • Reni Pal, Faculty
  • Monica Chakraborty, Faculty
  • Nandini Guha, Faculty
  • Sujata SahaFaculty