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Keeping with the legacy of our founder Sir Surendranath Banerjea, a noted social reformer and educationist, the College is committed to imparting, sustaining and fostering all-round holistic and quality education to the students coming from every stratum of the society so that they gather knowledge as well as employable expertise and grow up as responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

The institution envisages evolving, improving, upgrading and remaining committed to its laurels of heritage in conformity with the immortal words of the Upanishada, namely “Damyata”or Restrain, “Datta” or Charity and “Dayaddhayam”or non-violence which have been enshrined in the College emblem, and also with modern outlook to make the college a centre of excellence for higher education and research.

The mission of the college is to inculcate love of knowledge and provide holistic education to the student coming from every stratum of the society, so that they emerge as true human beings who can make significant contribution as a responsible citizen of tomorrow.

In order to achieve this the college coordinates the activities of the teachers, students and other staff members to ensure smooth functioning and all round development of academic as well as other curricular activities.

  • To become a centre of excellence in higher education.
  • To excel in all areas of teaching learning, research and consultancy.
  • To be a bridge between the rural-urban divide, taking the benefits of value-based quality education to the poor and marginalized, aiming at their empowerment.
  • To promote and practice inclusive growth.
  • To provide equal opportunities to the deserving and meritorious students irrespective of Caste and Creed and gender. To promote cultural and communal harmony.
  • To make our institution a significant knowledge contributor in transforming our nation from a developing to a developed one by acting as responsible and concerned citizens and to make this world a better place
The college is a 136 year old heritage institute producing galaxy of alumni in its long run. Since its inception, the institute believes in imparting high quality, inclusive education (with no discrimination based on caste, creed or economic status) to all sections of the society thereby nurturing the dreams of the under privileged. Due to its convenient location (400 meter away from Sealdah station) despite standing at the heart of the city of Kolkata, it demographically attracts many first generation learners every year from various parts of West Bengal even from the remotest villages. It is an additional skill set of all the faculty members of the college to keep such students motivated in their academic pursuits and evolve their capabilities for the job market. Teachers work with determination and patience to achieve this feat. Keeping in view the above objective, the Institution may not regularly get toppers across all disciplines but is often successful in finding meritorious students from the no creamy layer of society and help them carve out a stable academic career. The multilingual platform offered in the Institution also aids significantly in achieving this objective and learners can slowly adapt and get moulded into the academic ambience of the campus.
  • To promote outreach Activity for general well-being of the society as a whole: The college is in the process of signing MoUs with two colleges, one nearby and one in the outskirts, for possible knowledge and resource sharing and currently mentoring a remote college at Sagar Island and an out-skirt school Able Academy. Initiatives are there for mentoring a remote village also in the near future. College has active NSS and NCC units. They conduct a lot of outreach activities throughout the year, e.g., visit to under privileged schools for generating science awareness, visit to old age homes, organise awareness campaign on different health related issues and health camps both in the college and outside for general health check-up, Thalassaemia detection, blood grouping, blood donation etc. Health consciousness among slam and street children are also intended to by organising seminars on social work and hygiene consciousness and by distributing water bottles, stationaries, handkerchiefs etc. Donation to natural disaster-stricken areas is also done religiously as and when needed. Distribution of old and new garments among poor people in the outskirts and in the nearby slum areas also take place. College takes initiatives in fighting against pollution, works for green rally, water conservation, waste management etc. NCC and NSS observe and generate awareness on Swachh Bharat, Vigyan Divas, World health day, Earth day, Technology day, No Tobacco day, Environment day, Yoga day, Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking day etc. Organising advanced leadership camps, speech, debate, drawing competitions etc are also their routine job. Additionally, five departments from science, humanities and commerce are now recognized as PhD. awarding centres with well-equipped laboratories where external scholars can enrol themselves under the faculty members to carry out their doctoral dissertations and in three departments there are provisions for performing summer projects by the students from other institutions/colleges/universities.
  • To promote gender-equity and inclusiveness in education in a multilingual platform: This is a coeducational Institute with students coming from various social backgrounds with almost 1:1 ratio of male and female students. A vast number of these students are actually first-generation learners. In order to bring students from economically weaker backgrounds into mainstream education and motivate them to pursue higher education, the college carries out department specific orientation programmes and student counselling sessions and offers a host of state government and other funding agency aided scholarships and free ships with dedicated committees constituted of teachers to look after these and also holds Parent-Teacher meetings departmentally in almost every academic session. The college offers four different language options namely English, Bengali, Urdu and Sanskrit to its students to promote cultural exchange in a multilingual platform and also observes and organises different religious, social and cultural programs within the college premises and outside.