Certification course on
Computer Fundamentals and Basic application
To be organized by
Dept. of Computer Sc.

Duration: total 10 Units; Each Unit will be maximum of four periods and minimum of two periods. Duration of each period is 45 minutes.
<All relevant assignments will be provided at the end of each Unit (from Unit #1 to Unit #7). The students should show the solved assignments on Unit #8.>
Course Fee= Rs 1000
Course Duration: 3months

Unit 1 (2 Periods): Fundamentals of computer: (HB)
Calculation vs computation, A brief history of computer, generations, computer components and their operating principles, software and hardware, binary numbers, Storage capacity: KB-MB-GB-TB

Unit 2 (2 Periods): Operating system and programming:(TR)
Evolution of OS, OS types: Proprietary and Nonproprietary, Programming concept, Different programming languages and software tools.

Unit 3 (2 Periods): Networking and Internet: (ADP)
Internet and intranet, WWW, LAN,MAN,WAN,protocols,ISP, emails, website, blog, e-business.

Unit 4 (4 Periods): Word: (SA)
Letter writing, Table creation, Building CV

Unit 5 (4 Periods): Presentation: (SA)
Creating attractive but simple presentations for various purpose, attaching images, hyperlinking other documents, including slides from other presentation.

Unit 6 (4 Periods): Spreadsheet: (ST)
Creating tables, Performing and automating basic calculations, using formulas, creating a balance sheet.

Unit 7 (2 Periods): Basic image processing tools: (DK)
Creating own passport sized photograph.

Unit 8 (2 Periods): Discussion and brief checking of assignments.

Unit 9 (2 Periods): MCQ examination and evaluation –Exams will be conducted batch-wise on machines.No hard copies are required.

Unit 10 (2 Periods): Doubt clearing interactive session and student certification.

Faculty wise unit distribution:

Faculty name




Himadri Bhattacharyya(HB)

Associate Prof.


Fundamentals of computer

Dhiman Karmakar (DK)

Assistant Prof.


Basic image processing tools

Tohida Rehman (TR)

Assistant Prof.


Operating system and programming

Arpita Das Poddar (ADP)

Guest Lecturer


Networking and Internet

Sudeshna Tripathy (ST)

Guest Lecturer



Sanjay Adak (SA)

Lab Assistant


Word, Presentation